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Rehati Sleepwear

Abyss - Long Sleeve Viscose Pyjama Set

Abyss - Long Sleeve Viscose Pyjama Set

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Modern architectural design full sleeve pyjama set in black with a beautiful pyjama collar and straight length pants with elastic waistband.

Viscose: – 100% Viscose. Viscose is derived from wood cellulose and plant fibres and it is highly breathable, a fabric capable of keeping you cool in warm weather and useful in providing insulation in cold temperatures.

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Our Comfort and Style Guarantee

If these are not the most comfortable and stylish Loungewear you have ever worn your can return them for 100% of your money back.

Sizing Chart

Australian Size81012
UK Size81012
European Size363840
US Size468
Bust (cm)838995
Waist (cm)657177
Hip (cm)9096102
Inseam Pant (cm)767676

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